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OC Headshots
I will draw a headshot (and color) of your human OC in an anime style. I'm not that great, but I will try my best.
If you want it in an Osomatsu-san style, tell me. Otherwise, I will draw it as I usually draw my characters.

~Give me a link to a reference of your OC
~Please do not rush me
~I only draw humans, so no animals. I am even worse at drawing animals. But, If it's an equestrian girl, that will be fine.
OC Cosplay
I will use a base and draw your OC in a cosplay of your choice.
~Give me a link to a reference of your OC and the character you want them drawn as. If the character has more than one outfit, tell me which outfit you want.
~Your OC can be human or an MLP/ Equestrian Girl. If you give me an mlp OC and want it as an Equestrian Girl or human, tell me (or other way around).
~Do not give me anything lewd or anything in that manner. I will decline
~Please do not rush me

Would you all be interested in seeing more of my Survival AU? Or maybe a new AU? 

19 deviants said Yes
3 deviants said Meh
3 deviants said Another AU! (If you have suggestions for a new AU, comment please)
1 deviant said No



Nice Username dude
Mon May 29, 2017, 9:38 AM




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HaleyMatsu's Profile Picture
United States
I am a geek who loves TMNT, South Park, anime and cartoons.
Most of (if not all) the art I post on here will be using bases since I'm not a great artist XD

If you have a Quotev account and want to follow me, here it is :)

l + Mlp Stamp + l Skittz Fan by Skittz-Chan l + Mlp Stamp + l Meadow Fan by Skittz-Chan breek stamp by Sai-Chaan Gorillaz Stamp by SeizureDemon
Chibita Stamp by megumar Karamatsu Stamp by megumar Ichimatsu Stamp by megumar Jyushimatsu Stamp by megumar
Dayon Stamp by megumar Osomatsu Stamp by megumar Choromatsu Stamp by megumar Todomatsu Stamp by megumar
+ Luciel Choi (Mystic Messenger) Stamp + by kuu-jou Mystic Messenger - Zen stamp - F2U by sinayas Team Shizuo ( stamp ) by ReinaNaeki Emoticon TMNT stamp by LunarLotis

TMNT Avatar- Raphael Hamato by Slimymush TMNT Avatar- Leonardo Hamato by Slimymush TMNT Avatar- Michelangelo Hamato by Slimymush TMNT Avatar- Donatello Hamato by Slimymush



I'm sketching some new AU designs. They're fun to make lol
Simon Poll by HaleyMatsu
Oooo Simon has some fan girls/boys! Eyebrow Raise 
I'm working on a base with Simon. It will be him and your OC. I will draw it myself, but I can't promise that it will turn out good. XD
And it's not a shipping base, but if you want go ahead lol
If you need a laugh, look up Shaun Mason videos. He is hilarious! 😂
Today, I saw some guy I think trying to look like Josh Dun. He was wearing a Twenty one Pilots Hoodie, black skinny jeans, and his hairstyle was very similar. It was brown with red on top (but the red was very faded). I mean Josh is cool, but be yourself man. XD
Injured by HaleyMatsu

H.O.T.D. :Base:by Venulsaa

    It was summer now. Which means we have to deal with this heat. Luckily a while back, we found some new clothes that would fit for the weather. The five of us arrived at an abandoned hospital. We were searching for shelter, so this was lucky for us. At least, that's what we thought....
   "I wonder if this place still has any medical supplies" Haley thought outloud. "It'll be worth searching the place for some" Hurricane said. "Maybe we should split up. It will take a while to search every room in this place" Aqua said. "I don't know if that's a good idea" Ash said. "What do you think, Sky?" Ash asked. "It would be quicker....How about we split up into teams? Three of us as a team, and then two" she said. "Alright, I'll go with Ash!" Aqua said. "Okay. Someone else needs to go with you since you two are young. I'll go" Sky said. "No, I can go. You can be with Hurricane" Haley whispered the last sentence. Sky gave Haley an annoyed look "Fine. As long as someone is with them" she said.

            *With Ash, Haley, and Aqua*
The three were on an upper floor searching. "I'm not finding anything. We've looked in five rooms so far and nothing!" Aqua said. "I know. I think this place has been raided for everything they have". "I found some allergy pills if anyone needs them" Ash said. "That might come in handy" Haley laughed.
            *With Sky and Hurricane*
    These two were on the bottom floor. "Have you found anything?" Hurricane asked Sky. "All I found is some bandages" she answered. "Good. Maybe we can find antibiotics or something that will come in handy" Hurricane said. "Wait...Did you hear that?" Sky said. "I did. Do you have your gun on you?" he asked. "Yes. I always have it on me" she answered.
The two quietly snuck around the hospital, searching for the zombies. "I see them" Sky whispered. "Alright. We need to look for a way out of here. We need to warn Haley and the others" Hurricane said. "I can't. My cell phone is dead" Sky said. "Dammit. I don't even have one..Oh shit. Here they come" Hurricane said. The zombies were coming towards them. They were moving quickly, so the two had to run for it. Sky was running, but she noticed a piece of the ceiling was about to collapse. "Hurricane! Look out!" she yelled and pushed him out of the way. A piece of metal came falling down and barely dodged them. But, it ended up cutting Sky in the leg and hitting her in the back of the head. Luckily, not hard enough to knock her out or kill her. "Sky! Are you okay?!?" Hurricane panicked. "Yeah. I'm fine. Let's get out of here" she said, slowly standing up and running. Hurricane looked at her in worry. He knew that she was hurt and had to do somethign about it. "You're not going to like this, but I have to do it for you" he said, picked Sky up over his shoulders and ran as fast as he could "Hurricane! What are you doing?!" Sky asked. "Saving you.." he simply answered.
    Hurricane took her to a room and quickly shut the door. He grabbed a bat that he saw on the ground just in case. Sky sat on the floor and held onto her leg. "Are you sure you're going to be alright?" Hurricane asked. "I told you, I'm fine. But..thanks for saving me back there" she said. "I should be telling you that. If it weren't for you, I would probably be dead right now" he replied. She didn't say anything in response. She didn't want to show it, but she was worried even thinking about something bad happening to him.
    After he made sure the zombies couldn't get through, he aided Sky. "Now, let's get you bandaged up" he said, lying his backpack on the ground. He pulled out a bandage and started wrapping it around her leg. "Sky, I wish you would be more careful" Hurricane said. "Don't worry about me" Sky replied. "Why do you have to be so stubborn? Not to mention, reckless! You are always running into danger to protect people. But look at you! You're covered in bandages and bruises" Hurricane ranted. "I just don't want people to get hurt" she replied. "That's fine. But, you need to be more careful. It worries me when you do stuff like that" he admitted. Sky's face turned red. "I care about you, Sky. I care about all of you. Just promise me you'll be more careful from now on, okay?" he asked. She nodded her head. "Thank you" he said and kissed her on the forehead. Sky wasn't sure about that, but she didn't say or do anything about it.
    "Let's get to the others. Can you stand?" Hurricane asked Sky. "Yeah" she answered. Once she stood, she tried her best to run. But it wasn't very fast. "Here, put this on" Hurricane said to Sky, handing her his backpack. She was confused, but did it anyway. "Good, now I can do this" he said and put Sky on his back for a piggyback ride. "I can walk!" she said. "Not very fast, so I'll carry you" he replied. Sky grunted and her face turned red from embarrassment.
    "There you are! I'm so glad we found you!" Haley said to Hurricane and Sky. "Did you guys find anything?" Hurricane asked. "Not much. But we did find allergy pills, more bandages, and some a CD player" Ash answered. "That's cool. If you find any CD's, you'll have something to listen too" Hurricane smiled.


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